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Vulnerability & Self Love building resilience

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It’s been difficult lately to show up vulnerably when it feels so much safer to be filtered. The fear of being totally seen and then criticized, disagreed with, rejected, judged, or worse—persecuted, has held me back from my deepest level of authentic expression.

Something as simple as texting someone back immediately, at the expense of having a moment to myself, I found to be rooted in hustling for my worth & acceptance—I needed to control the way that person perceived me so that I felt safe. But what I really wanted to do, was sink down in the tub, light a candle, listen to music, and come down from my day. I’d rather not explain the benefits of bone broth to them in that moment of soaking in a tub, but I would do it because it came with the territory of being a healer, being a good friend, and—on a certain level—being a woman.

I’ve had to do a lot of work on not giving until depletion, letting go of perfectionism, accepting myself for being different, loving myself by setting boundaries, honoring my need to rest & retreat, and risking vulnerability—but after all of the work, it never actually took away the fear of being vulnerable & authentic.

It doesn’t soften the blow of feeling guilty for cooking myself a meal instead of lending my energy to someone going through a hard time. Or honoring my truth by speaking up to lovingly disagree with someone. But saying yes to myself in those moments that I usually give freely, gave me an opportunity to love myself, which helps to be brave and vulnerable anyway—despite the risks...self love & self care gives you resilience. Because when you’re filling yourself up, you don’t need to trade in who you are in order for someone else to fill you.

So be vulnerable. Be brave. And be deeply authentic. Because these things are needed in order to truly step up in this world to connect, belong, create, lead, and live life with joy.

It’s stepping out anyway, and having the courage to risk being seen: raw, unfiltered, and totally “imperfect”...which is actually perfect.

(The benefits of this self work will be launching soon....stay tuned! #askamberleigh)

Travel Tip

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del mar.jpg

When traveling, I set an intention to sniff out the most amazing places that feel over-the-top energizing. Because places & environments heal. And there’s nothing better than finding that place that speaks your language when it comes to vibrant foods, stunning beach scenery, and powerful healing energy to sustain & invigorate you when working, playing, & traveling. Del Mar, you have my heart ❤️ 

Be inspired to travel to magical places near & far to get out of your rigid home life patterns. Do something magical today, even if it’s down the street... you won’t regret it.

On Judgment & Being Selfish

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“That person is selfish.” Great. That’s actually not their problem. It’s yours. I know, I know: Take a deep breath.

Some of the greatest pain people experience is because of their perspective. So what does judgment show you about yourself? Why are you mad that the person puts themselves first, from your perspective? 

The pain comes in when we’re not feeling enough, not taking care of ourselves, giving to others until depletion, we have weak boundaries, we can’t say no, we have a martyr complex...whatever the reason. We’ve placed the responsibility on someone else to fill that void we’ve created within ourselves, giving that person total power over your happiness and placing them in an impossible role to fill.

Furthermore, as a result, this unfairly slaps a label of conditional love on that person. “That person is more lovable IF they give me attention.” The unconditional love goes out the window when we’re not feeling enough, bringing in more pain & separation to grab our attention. Because we might be angry at ourselves for not being more selfish. Also, we might not even view that person as being selfish at all, if we were taking care of ourselves.

So when a judgment pops into your head next time (because it will), ask yourself how it’s serving you. Is it true or does it exist because of your wounds? A judgment is only true when your perspective matches it. So what is it showing you about yourself that you couldn’t see before?

Ironically, the people who hurt you the most are the ones who offer you the opportunity to heal. They are holding up the mirrors when we don’t want to look. In a way, you can have appreciation for them helping you. And, conversely, if someone makes a judgment about you, it has everything to do with them—but if it triggers you, pay attention to why. It’s all just information.

So if you address your inner wounds, your relationships & your definition of someone else can totally transform & heal. Your entire experience of the world around you gets a little lighter & brighter.

The power is ALWAYS in your hands. So how will you take back your power today?

Intention is everything

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The energy you focus on during your day actually determines what’s physically created in your body (and in your life). Meaning, your thoughts literally create your physical form. Also meaning, you have WAY more power than you might think.

FACT: When a person sets their intention or focus of energy on feelings of love & gratitude into water, the combination of these 2 energies create the most beautiful & symmetrical of shapes when the water freezes into form (like snowflakes). 

Conversely, intentions of hate or anger create malformed and asymmetrical shapes that are out of tune with the natural order of the physical world. Since your body is at least 70% water, the persistent way you think either creates harmony & health or disharmony and disease.

So what’s going on in your body in this very moment is being influenced by your beliefs and the way you think. And the way you think influences what you decide to eat, and—here’s a mind bender—what you decide to eat actually reinforces & influences the way you think because your gut bacteria dictates your mood. Which effects your emotions, your heart, and your mind...and once again, we’re back to your mind/thoughts creating your physical body and reality.

How to Heal (a metaphysical perspective)

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You cannot heal dysfunction from the same energy in which you created it. If a dysfunctional health issue, relationship dynamic, mental construct, etc. is currently in your life, you’re a direct energetic match for it and must shift out of resonance with it—meaning, change up your energy & routine!

Do something or don’t do something that you haven’t tried before.

Go on vacation, play, have fun...get out of your head and into your heart—THAT’S where your healing and your answers reside.

When you’re not overthinking it. When you’re in the flow. When you’re not repeating the same patterns over & over again & expecting different results.

When you let go... and you connect back to YOU.

What is Coherence?

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Imagine playing Michael Jackson in your head and Beethoven in your heart at the same time. You’re going to have to split your focus to tune in to either one or the other to really understand anything.

Now imagine playing one song at the exact same time in both your head and heart. The signal becomes so crystal clear, and when you attach emotion/feeling to that signal, the power behind it is exponential. THIS is coherence. And THIS is the state of intuition and healing.

What blocks coherence?  That perpetual anxiety you have about that relationship, work, kids, or life, the fear you have of not being enough, the guilt you feel for needing a moment to yourself instead of volunteering for carpool or going to lunch with a friend going through a hard time, the shame you feel for being your authentic self because it’s “different”, the anger you have when someone violates your boundaries or doesn’t really see or hear you. It’s blocked when you get stuck in your judgments, your fear, your mental stories, your diagnosis, your attachment to things needing to be perfect. Not breathing. (Seriously—take a breath right now). These are slow-moving waves of mental logic, stagnation, & dense emotional states. It’s nearly impossible to be intuitive or heal when you stop this flow of energy or split it in different directions.

On the other hand, coherence is that harmony or synchronization of mental and heart wave rhythms. It’s harnessing one big directional flow of power. When you’re in this state of being, your intuition amplifies, your ability to heal the body increases, and you know things without knowing how you know them. Life gets more joyful, playful, meaningful, and simpler.

The way to reach this coherent state? 

1) Put your hand physically over your heart & feel it beat.
2) Breathe longer on the exhale than on the inhale.
3) FEEL the feeling of compassion, care, love+gratitude, appreciation, or other positive feelings.

It’s really that simple!

[For more info. check out Gregg Braden or the HeartMath Institute (thank you Wendy Kennedy  for introducing me to the HeartMath Institute)

Understanding Exercise

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For those of you who plateau: LET GO.

Exercise is not always about looking a certain way. When you engage in physical movement for the purpose of letting go of stuck energy in your cells, you change your relationship with working out & it becomes easier, more fun, & more efficient.

Utilize exercise as your release: to physically drop everything that no longer serves you and to pull in new energy that actually revitalizes the body.

And when you approach it this way, it should be fun.

It doesn’t always have to be a gym membership. It can be yoga in your living room, paddle-boarding with friends, hiking in nature, beach volleyball, walking outside, or (my personal fave) dancing to Beyoncé...So go shake that ass & let it go.

You Are Your Own Best Healer

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It’s true. It’s a new year, & the time when we all start looking for things outside of ourselves to help us heal. But the physical body is a manifestation of your energy inside of you.

When we want to heal, we tend to work at the physical level: an anti-biotic, a doctor/practitioner, food, supplements, crystals, an ointment, a medicine, a vitamin, a surgery, a friend.... but a true healing is always up to you.

These physical things are simply placeholders—they never actually do the healing for you. The healing always occurs BECAUSE of YOU. You choose whether or not to match the energy that’s held & provided by that person, place, or thing. The power to heal is never outside of you.

The energy that exists beyond the 5 main senses of perception are at the root of physical ailments, and physical ailments are a message to you that your energy is altered or imbalanced in some way, to grab your attention.

You can work at the physical level & choose physical placeholders that feel best for your unique journey. But addressing the root inside of you—the energy behind everything—is what will always offer you a true healing.

But how do you start to operate out of intuition & love instead of logic & fear? Choose which placeholders feel best for you, whatever that looks like, to help remind you.

Let There Be Light

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I hear all the time that raw fruits & vegetables, especially juices, contain “too much sugar”. And I used to be a believer of this as well...restricting my carbs until my health was less than stellar. So I dug deeper into the research, and this is what I found.

✨Biology 101: Atoms make up our human body. Photons make up atoms. Photons are particles of light that contain information that tells the body how to survive & function. 

✨Botany 101: Plants capture light photons from the sun and go through photosynthesis to obtain glucose & other nutrients that help the plant to survive & function. 

✨Health 101: Eating plants that contain light, activates the light in our bodies to help us maintain health & survival. 

✨Disease 101: Industrializing these foods. The photons of light are essentially taken out of our foods when the nutrient & water content are stripped, replacing it with cheap oils, salts, & patented chemicals.....Leaving the body deprived, depleted, confused, and stressed.

The inception of the industrialized food movement is correlated with the rise in heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and so forth. It’s not correlated with eating real carbs.

So the next time someone says that apples, bananas, carrots, potatoes, berries, & raw fruit & vegetable juices (all real carbs) have “too much sugar” and that the body is “addicted to sugar”, remind them that if someone restricted your oxygen supply—the most vital nutrient in the body—you’d be “addicted” to it & desperate for it too because glucose is an essential phytochemical that every single cell in your body needs to maintain its health. 

So when you restrict your “carbs”—make sure they are the processed ones, NOT the real ones with light, nutrients, water, and life.

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🌱: Raw Republic

Raw Talk With Sheena Podcast Episode 79: The Dr. Is In! All About Metaphysics

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podcast pic.jpg

GRAB. YOUR. DRINKS. And your friends! I’m BACK on the Raw Talk with Sheena podcast, where we finally deliver the long-awaited & long-winded reunion episode between me and Sheena Mannina, and like always, things get weird 👽✨ 

I’m talking all about Metaphysics and how science proves that you’re creating the world around you...and specifically, how that can translate to your health & so much more.

You’re gonna wanna listen to this one more than once! Enjoy “Episode 79: The DR. Is In! All about Metaphysics with Amberleigh”

🎧iTunes Link:

🎧Unedited version on Patreon:

We Had It Right As Kids

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I had it all figured out as a kid and didn’t even know it. 

When did we decide that it was okay to put our business, friends, loved ones, & even strangers before ourselves? At what moment do you decide to lend your ear to your friend instead of taking that relaxing bath or taking a breath? When was it okay to go on that date you didn’t want to go on so that you’d avoid feeling their rejection in your own body. When did play turn into work, love turn into fear, and adventure turn into to-do lists? When did we say that it was okay to sacrifice our own wellness for the instant gratification of placating others.

We do it every day to ourselves, in big & small ways. We lose sight of our needs. And it happens in less than a second. 

When are we going to value & give ourselves what we sought out as kids, when resting was life, playtime was crucial, breathing was effortless, outside was better than inside, rules were just suggestions rather than absolutes, coloring outside of the lines was inevitable, and laughing was our daily theme song.... Today, look at yourself as a child. 

What do you need? Play, air, breath, space, food, sleep, water, joy, sunshine, color, love, adventure...? Whatever it is that you’re asking of yourself, honor it. The kid inside of you is still there. 

So what would you do today if you were still a kid??


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Do you ever get goosebumps while listening to music? There’s a reason for this... 

Musical notes consist of sound waves that contain a level of energy measured in Hertz. For instance, the note A in one octave has an energy level measured at 220 Hertz. 

What’s interesting is that vitamins & minerals & healthy organ tissues of the human body also contain energy levels that match musical notes. 

For example, the energy level of Zinc measures at 480 Hertz, which is the note B. The Thyroid gland is also considered to be the note B, at 492.8 Hertz. Selenium & the Pancreas are the note C minor, and the list goes on.

Your body can literally heal to the sound of music. It’s been said that goosebumps from sound can be a physical reaction to musical notes resonating with your DNA, impacting your cellular structure of your body.

So, if you’re feeling down, go for a walk out in nature and FEEL the music. Play a musical instrument, sing, go to a concert... Marky Mark says so  

“It’s such a, good vibration...”

What resonates with you?

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J U D G M E N T. We all do it. But when we compare ourselves to what others are doing & judge their actions as being better, worse, wrong, right, good, bad, & so forth, you're not giving yourself the freedom to choose a unique path and permission to explore life without judgment.

⚖️So what if what resonates with you, doesn't look a thing like what resonates with anyone else. Western medicine vs. eastern medicine, vegan vs. carnivore, breast fed vs. bottle fed, business mogul vs. stay-at-home parent, loans vs. debt-free, sober vs. drinker....You're not wrong. They're not wrong. And no one is right, either.

⚖️It's simply what resonates with you at any given moment, & you have the freedom to change your mind or choose differently from what your family, friends, culture, & society have always done.

⚖️Own your decisions. What do YOU want to experience in your life? Drop the judgments about your choices & the choices of others. If something doesn't resonate with you, then it's not for you to experience in that moment. And it's okay if it resonates with someone else. It might resonate with you later; it might not.

⚖️The things that resonate with you are the very things that push you to learn, grow, and e x p a n d. So have the courage to live your life by your own rules. You're not a bad person for wanting to experience something that others have warned you against. And you're also not wrong if your reality doesn't match up to your expectations. Let it all go.

You've Got All of The Power

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You have MUCH more power over your life than you think.

🍀Some people love or hate green juice 🌱, for instance. But green juice is neutral until YOU place a value, judgment, or belief around it. This goes for everything. That diet you hate, but your friend loves; that breakup that sucked the life out of you, but your mom's excited about....everyone experiences reality differently. Use this to your advantage!

🍀Perhaps you're currently in a painful situation that is actually serving you. If you can find how it serves you, it will move you out of the pain or resistance or emotional trigger.

🍀Like getting fired from your job 🤔 What if this was exactly what you needed to get a job that gives you more money, more happiness, better health, and more time with your family? Being fired, all of a sudden, isn't so bad. It's an opportunity that serves you.

🍀But it can also bring up core beliefs you have: I'm not worthy, all men suck, I'm undervalued, it's because I'm a woman... all of those things may be true!

🍀But if you change those beliefs, you'll find your reality reflects that back to you: I am worthy, men are supportive, I am valued, I'm am not limited by my gender. Poof 💨 You now have a job that shows that as your new reality.

🍀You are ultimately in the driver's have ALL of the power!

Cilantro: Your New Secret Weapon

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New tip for the new year!

🌱STDs, UTIs, OCD, oh my....Lucky for us, we have CILANTRO. 👏🏽 For those of you who hate the taste of cilantro, you just might want to keep reading....

🌱Cilantro is wonderful at removing toxic heavy metals from the brain. That relationship, weight loss goal, or business decision you're obsessing over? Cilantro can help take the edge off.

🌱lt can also help combat brain fog, migraines, fatigue, ADHD, obsessive or intrusive thoughts, gut disorders, inflammatory diseases, major viruses, and even those mystery diseases, like MS.

🌱But people either love it or hate it. There's a reason for this...NOT genetics, but mainly the level of corrosion of those toxic metals in your system.

This means that these metals are basically souring in the body, and this runs through a person's saliva. The moment cilantro enters the mouth, it starts pulling these toxins out, so you can have a harsh, even soap-like, taste in your mouth. This is not yummy, but it's good!

🌱If you really can't stand it, you can substitute with parsley, as parsley has similar effects, or try to put it in smoothies, soups, guacamole, pesto, or juice it!

🌱So if you're having a rough week, you might want to take a shot of cilantro and call it a day :) 

Boost Your Intuition with my Mentorship Program

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Gift yourself some one-on-one action with me for 4 weeks, with my Basic Witch® Mentorship! 🤗🎄

If you (or a loved one) desire to be more intuitive in your everyday life, your work, or want to kickstart a career in this realm, this is a perfect way to build a foundation of skills to take you to that next level.

I will spill all of the secrets for how you can still be "normal" (relatively 😜), while also being a metaphysical powerhouse. You will gain clarity on what gifts you already have and the unique way they are showing up for you, then be able to sharpen them into a tool to use in the best of ways.

The sale price for this package remains until January 15th, so let's start the new year off with a more empowered YOU!

📍Details: 4 weeks, 4-1:1 mentor calls, 60 minutes each

Is the Truth really True?

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hallucination vacation.jpg

Recently, I went on vacation & got hooked on the series, Genius, which is all about Albert Einstein's life. Albert was the king of imagination+creativity=hallucination (which consequently happened to me when I drank Raw Republic Bulletproof coffee with brain octane oil), and it made me come to the following realizations:

Anything that's different, inexplicable, mysterious, and even "scary" really just something that is an unknown. But before truths become absolute, they are first unknowns, right? And when an unknown becomes an absolute truth through exploration, it's only a matter of time before it becomes replaced by a new truth, making the absolute, then, obsolete.

It reminded me that if you're questioning your life & challenging the world around keep doing it! Even "absolute truth" is malleable. It will change as soon as someone has the courage to ask why and to share their different perspective with the world, not without fear, but with conviction.

Otherwise, if people like Albert Einstein--who was deemed a dreamer, a radical, & Zionist by society, rather than a scientist during his time--accepted what the world says to be true & absolute, we would never advance forward in changing life as we know it.

So, have courage...question, play, persevere, & only accept that your "weirdness" & your dreams can one day be a commonality & reality. If you feel like you can't do something because you don't want to be an outcast or someone told you it's impossible, do it anyway.

Happy Monday, everyone. Go change the world, one hallucination at a time ;)

📷: Heather Grimm Photography

You are Necessary

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If your body isn't acting the way you want, it's hard not to throw in the towel & turn your back on it.  But what's happening in your it normal? Or is it necessary? Your body communicates to you the only way it knows how. How would you feel if you were throwing a tantrum and no one was listening, changing, or paying attention? All of your "issues" & "dysfunctions"...they may not be normal, but they are necessary to keep you alive.  Approach your body with a new viewpoint: one that's from a place of patience & gratitude, rather than from the place of, "I'm broken". Tell yourself, "I'm necessary".  And a great way to listen to your body is a  Raw Republic  Carrot Coco juice to help you with life.

If your body isn't acting the way you want, it's hard not to throw in the towel & turn your back on it.

But what's happening in your it normal? Or is it necessary? Your body communicates to you the only way it knows how. How would you feel if you were throwing a tantrum and no one was listening, changing, or paying attention? All of your "issues" & "dysfunctions"...they may not be normal, but they are necessary to keep you alive.

Approach your body with a new viewpoint: one that's from a place of patience & gratitude, rather than from the place of, "I'm broken". Tell yourself, "I'm necessary".

And a great way to listen to your body is a Raw Republic Carrot Coco juice to help you with life.

Laughter Really Is The Best Medicine

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  1. Because life's a fun ride, always choose to LAUGH.

  2. Laughter really is the best medicine, as joy is a higher energetic frequency than love.

  3. Laughing is one of the most healing things we can do for ourselves to shift out of the crap that holds us back.

  4. So, laugh as hard as you can today, even if you're not feeling the happiest. Even fake laughing will improve your mood & your health.

  5. Stop what you're doing, and go look at yourself in the mirror and laugh...side effects include: feeling silly & ridiculous, lighter, higher, and healthier :-D

Dr. Carter's Thyroid Juice at Raw Republic

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thyroid juice.jpg

Come visit me at Raw Republic (4528 Magazine St., New Orleans) and enjoy my special, magical Dr. Carter's Thyroid Juice containing pineapple, ginger, coconut water, and rosemary infused aloe vera :)

The light particles contained within these ingredients, particularly the aloe vera, work well with the thyroid gland. This can help create better hormonal balance & a more efficient metabolism. I've also imbued frequencies of healing, vitality, ease, & confidence in health into this cocktail of awesome. 

I encourage you to step into your own healing power and transform your own foods and beverages... make the items healthier with your consciousness. Pray over them, speak nice words to them, send healthy thoughts & vibes to them... it's been scientifically proven that feeling like an idiot while doing it is what makes it fun... oh, and effective.

(Special thank you to my powerhouse ladies: Sheena Mannina & Giselle Whittington for helping me bring this formula to the world!)