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What resonates with you?

Amberleigh CarterComment

J U D G M E N T. We all do it. But when we compare ourselves to what others are doing & judge their actions as being better, worse, wrong, right, good, bad, & so forth, you're not giving yourself the freedom to choose a unique path and permission to explore life without judgment.

⚖️So what if what resonates with you, doesn't look a thing like what resonates with anyone else. Western medicine vs. eastern medicine, vegan vs. carnivore, breast fed vs. bottle fed, business mogul vs. stay-at-home parent, loans vs. debt-free, sober vs. drinker....You're not wrong. They're not wrong. And no one is right, either.

⚖️It's simply what resonates with you at any given moment, & you have the freedom to change your mind or choose differently from what your family, friends, culture, & society have always done.

⚖️Own your decisions. What do YOU want to experience in your life? Drop the judgments about your choices & the choices of others. If something doesn't resonate with you, then it's not for you to experience in that moment. And it's okay if it resonates with someone else. It might resonate with you later; it might not.

⚖️The things that resonate with you are the very things that push you to learn, grow, and e x p a n d. So have the courage to live your life by your own rules. You're not a bad person for wanting to experience something that others have warned you against. And you're also not wrong if your reality doesn't match up to your expectations. Let it all go.