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Is the Truth really True?

Amberleigh CarterComment
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Recently, I went on vacation & got hooked on the series, Genius, which is all about Albert Einstein's life. Albert was the king of imagination+creativity=hallucination (which consequently happened to me when I drank Raw Republic Bulletproof coffee with brain octane oil), and it made me come to the following realizations:

Anything that's different, inexplicable, mysterious, and even "scary" really just something that is an unknown. But before truths become absolute, they are first unknowns, right? And when an unknown becomes an absolute truth through exploration, it's only a matter of time before it becomes replaced by a new truth, making the absolute, then, obsolete.

It reminded me that if you're questioning your life & challenging the world around keep doing it! Even "absolute truth" is malleable. It will change as soon as someone has the courage to ask why and to share their different perspective with the world, not without fear, but with conviction.

Otherwise, if people like Albert Einstein--who was deemed a dreamer, a radical, & Zionist by society, rather than a scientist during his time--accepted what the world says to be true & absolute, we would never advance forward in changing life as we know it.

So, have courage...question, play, persevere, & only accept that your "weirdness" & your dreams can one day be a commonality & reality. If you feel like you can't do something because you don't want to be an outcast or someone told you it's impossible, do it anyway.

Happy Monday, everyone. Go change the world, one hallucination at a time ;)

📷: Heather Grimm Photography