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What is Coherence?

Amberleigh CarterComment

Imagine playing Michael Jackson in your head and Beethoven in your heart at the same time. You’re going to have to split your focus to tune in to either one or the other to really understand anything.

Now imagine playing one song at the exact same time in both your head and heart. The signal becomes so crystal clear, and when you attach emotion/feeling to that signal, the power behind it is exponential. THIS is coherence. And THIS is the state of intuition and healing.

What blocks coherence?  That perpetual anxiety you have about that relationship, work, kids, or life, the fear you have of not being enough, the guilt you feel for needing a moment to yourself instead of volunteering for carpool or going to lunch with a friend going through a hard time, the shame you feel for being your authentic self because it’s “different”, the anger you have when someone violates your boundaries or doesn’t really see or hear you. It’s blocked when you get stuck in your judgments, your fear, your mental stories, your diagnosis, your attachment to things needing to be perfect. Not breathing. (Seriously—take a breath right now). These are slow-moving waves of mental logic, stagnation, & dense emotional states. It’s nearly impossible to be intuitive or heal when you stop this flow of energy or split it in different directions.

On the other hand, coherence is that harmony or synchronization of mental and heart wave rhythms. It’s harnessing one big directional flow of power. When you’re in this state of being, your intuition amplifies, your ability to heal the body increases, and you know things without knowing how you know them. Life gets more joyful, playful, meaningful, and simpler.

The way to reach this coherent state? 

1) Put your hand physically over your heart & feel it beat.
2) Breathe longer on the exhale than on the inhale.
3) FEEL the feeling of compassion, care, love+gratitude, appreciation, or other positive feelings.

It’s really that simple!

[For more info. check out Gregg Braden or the HeartMath Institute (thank you Wendy Kennedy  for introducing me to the HeartMath Institute)