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Vulnerability & Self Love building resilience

Amberleigh CarterComment

It’s been difficult lately to show up vulnerably when it feels so much safer to be filtered. The fear of being totally seen and then criticized, disagreed with, rejected, judged, or worse—persecuted, has held me back from my deepest level of authentic expression.

Something as simple as texting someone back immediately, at the expense of having a moment to myself, I found to be rooted in hustling for my worth & acceptance—I needed to control the way that person perceived me so that I felt safe. But what I really wanted to do, was sink down in the tub, light a candle, listen to music, and come down from my day. I’d rather not explain the benefits of bone broth to them in that moment of soaking in a tub, but I would do it because it came with the territory of being a healer, being a good friend, and—on a certain level—being a woman.

I’ve had to do a lot of work on not giving until depletion, letting go of perfectionism, accepting myself for being different, loving myself by setting boundaries, honoring my need to rest & retreat, and risking vulnerability—but after all of the work, it never actually took away the fear of being vulnerable & authentic.

It doesn’t soften the blow of feeling guilty for cooking myself a meal instead of lending my energy to someone going through a hard time. Or honoring my truth by speaking up to lovingly disagree with someone. But saying yes to myself in those moments that I usually give freely, gave me an opportunity to love myself, which helps to be brave and vulnerable anyway—despite the risks...self love & self care gives you resilience. Because when you’re filling yourself up, you don’t need to trade in who you are in order for someone else to fill you.

So be vulnerable. Be brave. And be deeply authentic. Because these things are needed in order to truly step up in this world to connect, belong, create, lead, and live life with joy.

It’s stepping out anyway, and having the courage to risk being seen: raw, unfiltered, and totally “imperfect”...which is actually perfect.

(The benefits of this self work will be launching soon....stay tuned! #askamberleigh)