Kinection Holistic Health

Change Your Mind. Change Your Body.

You are your own best healer.
— Amberleigh Carter

About Amberleigh

Amberleigh Carter, founder and owner of Kinection Holistic Health, teaches her clients how to create health & connect back to themselves by nourishing the mind, body, and soul.  After personally figuring out the hard way that calorie restriction, exhaustive exercise, & constantly turning to someone else who “knows better”, was not the answer to health, Amberleigh was inspired to open a health practice rooted in transforming the fear & confusion into empowerment.

Eating real food, moving the body, and enjoying life are just a few of the many ways to help you increase your energy and repair and regenerate your body.  However, the most effective key is your energy & intention behind all of these things. Are you going to the gym because you feel guilty & obligated? Or are you inspired to go out of connection to yourself & joy? Because the two scenarios will have opposing effects on your health.

Amberleigh will help you understand these energies, and will point out any barrier that may be blocking you from creating health & wellness in your life.  By bringing awareness to these blocks, and reminding you of the tools you already have to overcome them, the power is put back into your hands.

After a healing session with Amberleigh, you will remember that you are ultimately your own best healer.  

The power is always in your hands.  You just need the recipe.

The Metaphysical Approach & How Sessions Work

Amberleigh has mastered the science and art of helping people shift their health & improve their lives through metaphysical means. Working with the metaphysical means that Amberleigh works with energy “beyond the physical”, or the energy that lies outside of the 5 main senses of human perception. For instance, we can’t see, hear, smell, touch, or taste the emotion of love, but we can feel the visceral effects that this energy has on our minds & bodies, and we can see how this energy affects our health & how it’s played out in the physical world.

Everything that exists is energy, vibration, and frequency. More importantly, your energetic & emotional template actually create your physical body. So, in essence, Amberleigh is working at the root by changing frequencies, which could look as simple as having a shift in perception during a session.

Dysfunction and disease occur when there is a slower-moving wave of energy that is out of tune with the rest of the body. Slower-moving waves of energy tend to register as fear, shame, guilt, anger, and so forth. When these energies repeat themselves and show up frequently in your everyday behaviors, they form patterns. (Especially the ones you may have adopted from your family line—these patterns can be rooted in your DNA, but still have the potential to shift.) These patterns have a density and tone to them, based on the speed at which these waves of energy are moving. Like a radio station tuned to the frequency of 97.1 looks like playing one song and another radio station tuned to 101.1 is playing a completely different song. The main difference in its physical expression is the speed of the radio wave, which creates a completely different expression or experience. Just like a radio, every organ, emotion, and system of the body contains a frequency. Love registers at 528 Hertz and a healthy Liver registers at 317 Hertz. So if the Liver on a person is vibrating at 245 Hertz and expressing dysfunction, it would just need to tune to the healthy frequency of 317 Hertz to function properly. As well, the emotion of anger typically stores in the Liver—so releasing anger or pulling in more joy could also help to increase the frequency of the Liver. Emotions tend to influence the speed at which the organs of the body vibrate, so changing your emotions can directly impact your physical structure and your health.

Basically, in order to shift out of resonance with dysfunctional energy, you need to put yourself in resonance with functional energy by speeding up the energy to a higher frequency, like love, joy, gratitude, appreciation, and so on. Food, supplements, joyful and physical activities—all of these things also contain frequencies and energy that can help tune your body and support your shift towards health. Once these dysfunctional waves of energy are tuned to a different speed, the physical body also changes because the energy that creates the body no longer calibrates at the frequency of slow-moving, stagnate, or densely heavy energy. Thus, new behavioral patterns are formed and a new body can form. So even something as simple as changing your mind can ultimately change your body.

Before a session, it is recommended to set an intention for what you’d like to shift in your life. After a session, it is recommended to drink plenty of water to assist in moving the energy & to take time for yourself to process. Bringing awareness to your day post-session is not required, but is helpful in noticing what’s different & in creating new patterns and in making lasting changes.

Sessions typically last for 60 minutes and are run very intuitively—meaning—every session looks different, depending on what you most need in that very moment. Some sessions look like writing down notes or talking on the phone or feel like sitting down & having a cup of coffee with an intuitive friend, while others look like lying down on top of a massage table and using tuning forks or other devices (nothing is invasive) to tune your energy field…all of which impacts the physical structure and integrity of the body. The goal of a session is to address your current health & lifestyle issues, some of your pertinent health history, your current lifestyle, your physical, emotional, & mental health, and your intention for what you’d like to get out of the session. Together, Amberleigh will work with you to shift your energy out of resonance with dysfunction, to ultimately change your mind and change your body.


Amberleigh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science with a double minor in Neuroscience and Psychology from Elon University.  She took her fascination of the mind-body connection to a world-renowned research institute, where she developed exercise research protocols, administered cognitive exams, and created & directed the institute's entire wellness program for the Alzheimer's and Dementia Research and Prevention unit.  After some time in the research world, Amberleigh expanded her horizons in helping people by opening her own health practice in 2013. 

Understanding that people needed much more than a "one size fits all" program for healing, Amberleigh stepped outside of her allopathic comfort zone and turned towards eastern philosophies that were heavily rooted in metaphysics.  She earned a Bachelor of Metaphysics degree, a Master of Metaphysics degree, and a Doctorate of Metaphysics degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  She also received her Ministerial Ordination through her master's program.  As well, Amberleigh is a board certified Holistic Health Practitioner through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Her educational history includes certifications in Exercise Physiology through the American College of Sports Medicine, Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology through the CHEK Institute, Food Science & Nourishment through EastWest Healing and Performance, Reconnective Healing, Matrix Energetics, Master Energy Dynamics, Master Harmonic Resonance Technology, Psycho Emotional Energetics through the Institute for Harmonic Resonance Technology, and more.   

Amberleigh's proficiencies range from blood chemistry analysis, sound therapy, vibrational medicine, herbal medicine, whole food supplementation, meditation, holistic lifestyle coaching, muscle energy techniques, and many other works from both western & eastern influences.