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You've Got All of The Power

Amberleigh CarterComment

You have MUCH more power over your life than you think.

🍀Some people love or hate green juice 🌱, for instance. But green juice is neutral until YOU place a value, judgment, or belief around it. This goes for everything. That diet you hate, but your friend loves; that breakup that sucked the life out of you, but your mom's excited about....everyone experiences reality differently. Use this to your advantage!

🍀Perhaps you're currently in a painful situation that is actually serving you. If you can find how it serves you, it will move you out of the pain or resistance or emotional trigger.

🍀Like getting fired from your job 🤔 What if this was exactly what you needed to get a job that gives you more money, more happiness, better health, and more time with your family? Being fired, all of a sudden, isn't so bad. It's an opportunity that serves you.

🍀But it can also bring up core beliefs you have: I'm not worthy, all men suck, I'm undervalued, it's because I'm a woman... all of those things may be true!

🍀But if you change those beliefs, you'll find your reality reflects that back to you: I am worthy, men are supportive, I am valued, I'm am not limited by my gender. Poof 💨 You now have a job that shows that as your new reality.

🍀You are ultimately in the driver's have ALL of the power!