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We Had It Right As Kids

Amberleigh CarterComment

I had it all figured out as a kid and didn’t even know it. 

When did we decide that it was okay to put our business, friends, loved ones, & even strangers before ourselves? At what moment do you decide to lend your ear to your friend instead of taking that relaxing bath or taking a breath? When was it okay to go on that date you didn’t want to go on so that you’d avoid feeling their rejection in your own body. When did play turn into work, love turn into fear, and adventure turn into to-do lists? When did we say that it was okay to sacrifice our own wellness for the instant gratification of placating others.

We do it every day to ourselves, in big & small ways. We lose sight of our needs. And it happens in less than a second. 

When are we going to value & give ourselves what we sought out as kids, when resting was life, playtime was crucial, breathing was effortless, outside was better than inside, rules were just suggestions rather than absolutes, coloring outside of the lines was inevitable, and laughing was our daily theme song.... Today, look at yourself as a child. 

What do you need? Play, air, breath, space, food, sleep, water, joy, sunshine, color, love, adventure...? Whatever it is that you’re asking of yourself, honor it. The kid inside of you is still there. 

So what would you do today if you were still a kid??