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Amberleigh CarterComment
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Do you ever get goosebumps while listening to music? There’s a reason for this... 

Musical notes consist of sound waves that contain a level of energy measured in Hertz. For instance, the note A in one octave has an energy level measured at 220 Hertz. 

What’s interesting is that vitamins & minerals & healthy organ tissues of the human body also contain energy levels that match musical notes. 

For example, the energy level of Zinc measures at 480 Hertz, which is the note B. The Thyroid gland is also considered to be the note B, at 492.8 Hertz. Selenium & the Pancreas are the note C minor, and the list goes on.

Your body can literally heal to the sound of music. It’s been said that goosebumps from sound can be a physical reaction to musical notes resonating with your DNA, impacting your cellular structure of your body.

So, if you’re feeling down, go for a walk out in nature and FEEL the music. Play a musical instrument, sing, go to a concert... Marky Mark says so  

“It’s such a, good vibration...”