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We've all been the drainer and the drainee (whether you realize it or not). You know what I'm talking about...the dynamic of constant contact, stories, & questions and the constant attention, listening, & fixing.

But if you're the it really your fault? Or are you a teacher for the drainee to set better boundaries?

If you're the drainee, think about how you're not standing in your full power...the power to speak up, the power to not feel responsible, the power to let go of that false sense of control in being a "fixer", & even the deep desire to be needed.

Allow yourself to get to a point of just being, letting go, and flowing with the universe. Everyone is going to be okay. And if you think you're not, or that someone won't be okay without you, how are you enabling & preventing yourself from stepping into your own power AND that individual from stepping into their own power to learn lessons?

When you release the burden of "taking care" or "fixing" or "healing" everyone around you, it doesn't make you a jerk. Instead, you're able to come from a much more loving place. You begin to reserve so much more of your energy, which gives yourself & others permission to be free to step into their power.

And THAT is love.

Let Go of Responsibility

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You can never make someone feel a certain way, and you can never heal someone else.  So take that responsibility off of your shoulders.

We are ALL responsible for ourselves: the way we feel and the way we heal. All anyone can ever do is hold a level of energy, which has the potential to stimulate a reaction within you, but that decision is yours.

For example: Regardless of if someone is screaming at you, you can totally feel at peace in the midst of chaos. Because, ultimately, YOU'RE in charge of how you feel. If you're uncomfortable with how someone else is acting around you or towards you, ask yourself why. If it didn't, in some way, resonate with you, then it wouldn't bother wouldn't even notice it if it wasn't part of your unique view of reality.

  • If you're in love with someone else, you're in love with their reflection of the love you have for yourself. People reflect back to you what's inside of you. So if someone "doesn't love you", how are you not fully loving yourself? No one has power over you. No one can actually break your heart; they break your expectations. And you're in charge of what those expectations entail.


  • If someone heals, it has nothing to do with you...only the energy you reflected back to them, reminding them of how to do it. If someone doesn't heal, that's a perfectly valid choice for their life path. It still has nothing to do with you.


  • Remember that nothing is outside of you. You are whole. You are complete. Your perception is up to you...and your reality of the world around you is a direct reflection of what's going on within you. You have all of the power.

So let go of responsibility for others, and step into taking care of yourself. At the end of the day, that's a better reflection.

Are You Listening to Your Body?

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Close your eyes, take a breath, and ask your body what it really wants, right now in this very moment....What is it telling you?

Do you need sunshine, peaches, a massage, water, a hug, dark chocolate, a walk outside? Did you realize you haven't taken a full, deep breath for the last hour? Maybe it wants a comforting & energizing bulletproof coffee. Whatever it is, give it to yourself!

Be inspired to have a conversation with your body today. Because it's not broken. Perhaps the way it's choosing to function is the only way it knows how to keep you alive because it loves you.

So give yourself some compassion, some nutrients, some time to heal. Give your body what it wants today. You won't regret it.

Step Into Your Power

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Your reality is your perception.  If something doesn't feel good, it's your responsibility to acknowledge your own feelings and choose differently.

For lack of a better example: Someone can love clowns and someone can equally despise them (the movie 'IT' doesn't help)... is it the clown's fault for existing? Is it the clown's fault for your past experiences with them? Should the clown feel shame or guilt for being a trigger for your response? Or is there a way you can choose differently? Hint: it's never the clown's fault :) 

You don't have to go hug a clown, but know that you and only you can own your feelings and choose a different experience of reality...and you have so much support around you to foster that change.

So, challenge yourself to step into your power today, and see what changes!

The Anti-Diet Episode

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What is it that you TRULY want to eat? Is it what your doctor, your friend, your mother, your magazine, or your 'tests' told you is healthy?

WHY are you eating the way that you eat? Do you feel relaxed, joyful, and expanded around food? Or is it a constant obsession over calories, restriction, & instruction from others, making you feel shameful, powerless, & constricted in your body?

Your body is not against you. Check out the latest Raw Talk with Sheena podcast episode 51, where Sheena Mannina and I discuss how to start listening to your body: get to know it, learn to trust it, & honor your power.

YOU are your own best healer. Are you listening?

Talk to Your Water

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Talking to your water is less creepy than you think. Placing positive intentions in it can actually change your health & your life. Since water has a crystalline structure, it acts like a your water holds memory.

This is very powerful, as you can tell your water how to interact with the water-based cells in your body & exchange vital information. It's like your bottled water is a carrier pigeon for sending messages to your body. The highest intention that's been scientifically measured that you can send: The combination of LOVE & GRATITUDE.

Yep. Your Monday just got way better. Be the freak in the office who talks to your water.

[For more on this & other tips, you can hear me as a special guest on the new iTunes podcast, Spiritual and Intuit, episode #3] See More

News: Now Offering Services at Raw Republic in New Orleans!

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I have expanded my practice to 4528 Magazine Street in New Orleans at Raw Republic, where I will be providing the community with nutrition & lifestyle consultations, as well as energy healing sessions! These services will offer individuals guidance, as well as the opportunity to overcome any non-beneficial behavioral patterns that might be holding them back from achieving their health-related goals. 
BONUS: I've also partnered with Raw Republic to formulate a special healing juice, so stay tuned for that reveal.  Happy Healing! 

Making YOU A Priority

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Where do YOU fit into your day?  If you're giving to others at the expense of yourself, you're trying to pour from an empty glass. Depletion, joylessness, resentment, disease, all can begin to set in if you're neglecting the most important person in your life: YOU!

The more you give to you, the better you'll be able to serve others. So don't be afraid to give to yourself, nourish yourself, take time for yourself, and, goddamn-it, love yourself...because at the end of the day, all you really need is love!

Coming Soon: Raw Talk With Sheena Podcast

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Podcasting in heaven (aka, Raw Republic's new meditation room) makes us Angels talk about how your mind can heal your body, how your lifestyle can influence your genetic expression, and how you create your own reality. Oh and how gnomes might be real.

Join us on Raw Talk with Sheena for health tips & a fun time, launching soon on iTunes podcasts!

Eat More When You Eat Right

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Eating less tells your body it's experiencing a famine, so it will store more fat for backup fuel. Eating the wrong types of food also promotes fat storage. So focus on frequently eating foods that are optimal for your health to get the most bang for your metabolic buck!

Relaxation Is Vital

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Suffer from Monday bitch face? There's still time to improve the start of your week with a little walk in the sun & a juicy treat. Don't let werk werk werk werk hold you back from taking care of yourself. Taking breaks during the day will optimize your health, enhance your brain power, and get rid of that bitch face ;) So if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your co-workers.

Satsuma Energetics

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HUGE thanks to Giselle Whittington and Dr. David Miller of Satsuma Energetics for facilitating powerful energy healing sessions this week! Hosting them here in Covington was an absolute dream, and we hope that they return soon!

An energy healing session would be recommended to anyone looking for assistance in overcoming any behavioral pattern that may be holding them back from achieving the health and life that they desire; or for anyone looking to improve their health and life, in general.

For more information or if you would like to make an appointment, please schedule through the Satsuma Energetics website at and allow up to 5 days for a response.

Happy healing!

Muscle Up

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Health/Exercise Tip: Muscle tissue is the ONLY metabolic tissue designed to burn fat. This is why weight-bearing and resistance exercises will always trump cardio when trying to get lean, tightened, and toned. 

However, if you're a lover of running, but want to lose fat and gain muscle (without "bulking up"), make your cardio routine into a muscle-building one:

Sprint for 20-30 seconds (all-out, like a tiger is chasing you) and then walk for 2-5 minutes. Do up to 6 sets of these per workout session (with rest days in between), and you'll start to lose fat & burn more fat even when you're at rest. 

Keep in mind that your ability to build muscle tissue relies heavily on your recovery (sleep, rest days, food/nutrients, & water). So, do your workout, eat, hydrate, and rest well, and the fat will burn off. 

Go get 'em, tiger.

Following The Herd

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Did you know that U.S. cattle farmers used to feed cows coconut oil to get them fat quickly, but it had the direct opposite effect? The cows became extremely lean, toned, and healthy. This is because coconut oil actually burns fat as fuel, instead of storing it for later.

Coconut oil also helps to regulate blood sugar, improve skin complexion, & boost the immune system, as this oil contains many anti-viral & anti-microbial properties. Who knew that eating fat can get you thin?

(Side Note: Today, cattle are given corn/vegetable oils to get them fat and weak so that their meat is much more tender and palatable for consumers. Yet these are the very oils that we are told are "heart healthy" in America, and we are fatter and weaker than ever....just some food for thought.)

Eat Anything REAL

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Nutrients are responsible for our health--not calories, and certainly not the latest dietary trend. It's not about calories, grams, total fat, or daily percentages; and it's not about alkaline, paleo, vegan, sugar-free, gluten-free--you name it. 

When eating right, you can put the amount out of focus. It's difficult to overeat when consuming nutrient-dense foods because your body is able to reach its nutrient quota that it requires to survive and function. No one is going to have to pull you away from eating an entire bag of carrots.

So, go for it. Eat as many nutrient-dense foods as you want. Just eat anything REAL. That's what it's all about.

Mind Your Thoughts

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Did you know that healing your body can have everything to do with your thoughts & words? Thoughts & words carry a level of vibrational energy, and thus are powerful. The human body is susceptible to its surroundings & can actually materialize your thoughts & words into a physical expression (i.e.; negative: physical pain, fat gain, acne, swelling, disease, etc.; positive: muscle gain, fat loss, feelings of weightlessness, glowing skin, health, etc.) 

Experiment for yourself: Think about the word SADNESS and notice how your body feels....Now think about the word JOY. Feel the difference? It could be as simple as contraction versus expansion. If the body contracts and constricts, this prevents oxygen, blood, and nutrient flow throughout the body. Being expanded & open allows flow and health to occur. Therefore, the state of one's health is largely influenced by the words we hear, say, and think on a daily basis. 

Mind your thoughts & words, and you can drastically change your health

Eat more, Burn more

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Health tip: "Low calorie" diets never work if your goal is to lose fat. When restricting food intake, the body fears a famine & will begin to hold onto fat instead of burn it.  So eating more nutrient-dense foods, frequently & consistently, will teach your body to burn fat constantly, instead of store it!