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Dr. Carter's Thyroid Juice at Raw Republic

Amberleigh CarterComment
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Come visit me at Raw Republic (4528 Magazine St., New Orleans) and enjoy my special, magical Dr. Carter's Thyroid Juice containing pineapple, ginger, coconut water, and rosemary infused aloe vera :)

The light particles contained within these ingredients, particularly the aloe vera, work well with the thyroid gland. This can help create better hormonal balance & a more efficient metabolism. I've also imbued frequencies of healing, vitality, ease, & confidence in health into this cocktail of awesome. 

I encourage you to step into your own healing power and transform your own foods and beverages... make the items healthier with your consciousness. Pray over them, speak nice words to them, send healthy thoughts & vibes to them... it's been scientifically proven that feeling like an idiot while doing it is what makes it fun... oh, and effective.

(Special thank you to my powerhouse ladies: Sheena Mannina & Giselle Whittington for helping me bring this formula to the world!)