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You Are Your Own Best Healer

Amberleigh CarterComment

It’s true. It’s a new year, & the time when we all start looking for things outside of ourselves to help us heal. But the physical body is a manifestation of your energy inside of you.

When we want to heal, we tend to work at the physical level: an anti-biotic, a doctor/practitioner, food, supplements, crystals, an ointment, a medicine, a vitamin, a surgery, a friend.... but a true healing is always up to you.

These physical things are simply placeholders—they never actually do the healing for you. The healing always occurs BECAUSE of YOU. You choose whether or not to match the energy that’s held & provided by that person, place, or thing. The power to heal is never outside of you.

The energy that exists beyond the 5 main senses of perception are at the root of physical ailments, and physical ailments are a message to you that your energy is altered or imbalanced in some way, to grab your attention.

You can work at the physical level & choose physical placeholders that feel best for your unique journey. But addressing the root inside of you—the energy behind everything—is what will always offer you a true healing.

But how do you start to operate out of intuition & love instead of logic & fear? Choose which placeholders feel best for you, whatever that looks like, to help remind you.