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Boost Your Intuition with my Mentorship Program

Amberleigh CarterComment

Gift yourself some one-on-one action with me for 4 weeks, with my Basic Witch® Mentorship! 🤗🎄

If you (or a loved one) desire to be more intuitive in your everyday life, your work, or want to kickstart a career in this realm, this is a perfect way to build a foundation of skills to take you to that next level.

I will spill all of the secrets for how you can still be "normal" (relatively 😜), while also being a metaphysical powerhouse. You will gain clarity on what gifts you already have and the unique way they are showing up for you, then be able to sharpen them into a tool to use in the best of ways.

The sale price for this package remains until January 15th, so let's start the new year off with a more empowered YOU!

📍Details: 4 weeks, 4-1:1 mentor calls, 60 minutes each