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Intention is everything

Amberleigh CarterComment

The energy you focus on during your day actually determines what’s physically created in your body (and in your life). Meaning, your thoughts literally create your physical form. Also meaning, you have WAY more power than you might think.

FACT: When a person sets their intention or focus of energy on feelings of love & gratitude into water, the combination of these 2 energies create the most beautiful & symmetrical of shapes when the water freezes into form (like snowflakes). 

Conversely, intentions of hate or anger create malformed and asymmetrical shapes that are out of tune with the natural order of the physical world. Since your body is at least 70% water, the persistent way you think either creates harmony & health or disharmony and disease.

So what’s going on in your body in this very moment is being influenced by your beliefs and the way you think. And the way you think influences what you decide to eat, and—here’s a mind bender—what you decide to eat actually reinforces & influences the way you think because your gut bacteria dictates your mood. Which effects your emotions, your heart, and your mind...and once again, we’re back to your mind/thoughts creating your physical body and reality.