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Sorry, Salad.... You Can't Sit With Us

Amberleigh CarterComment

Let's talk about the green, wet-blanket carb that brings nothing to the table.

She thinks she owns the place, knowing everyone is going to feel guilty enough to order her. She puts on her dressing, her tomatoes, her croutons, and gets all dolled up to even convince you that she looks good enough to eat, even though you know she's boring and makes you feel empty inside.

That's right, I'm talking about SALAD.

Here's the skinny on salad:


  • It contains "goitrogens" that block energy production and slow down the actions of your thyroid and liver, which also slows down your metabolism and ability to detoxify your system.


  • Salad leaves are made up of "cellulose"--an indigestible fiber that increases the production and absorption of bacteria in your gut, lowers your immune system, drains your energy, and irritates your stomach enough to blow up the bathroom.


  • Salad is the true fatty here--it's full of polyunsaturated fatty acids. Yes, salad has fat (without dressing)-- and it's the kind of fat that loves to damage your metabolism, the cells in your pancreas (important for blood sugar regulation), and your ability to fight off sickness and disease.

So don't let salad make you feel guilty about your health, when it's the one contributing to your stress, inflammation, fatigue, and sluggish metabolism.

Sorry, salad--you can't sit with us.