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Labels That May Pop Your Eyes

Amberleigh CarterComment

Since I'm a native of Louisiana, I'll use POPEYES chicken as an example of what you are paying for and unknowingly choosing to put into your body.

I'm not sure why the ingredients need to contain every artificial food color under the sun, plus MSG, but there's no need to wonder why Americans suffer from heart disease, diabetes, obesity, cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc., when their food supply contains these synthetic ingredients.  Our bodies can't handle it! 

"Experts" say, "Take out the fat, cut out the sugar, avoid gluten...." How about take out toxic and fake ingredients from your diet to not overburden your liver and the rest of your body?  The liver is responsible for handling blood sugar, manufacturing hormones, and ridding the body of toxins, and if it's constantly trying to understand what it is you just ingested, your body cannot possibly function correctly.    

The sad truth is that food-like products containing anything but nutrients are killing us.  Lab-made chemicals are contributing to all of the food allergies and diseases we see today that never existed before the genesis of fake ingredients.  The food industry has sadly become more interested in a paycheck than in our health.

Want to protect yourself?  CHECK THE INGREDIENTS LABEL if you want a chance at regenerating your body, and stick to eating real, nutrient-dense and healing foods.

Guess What's SOY Annoying....

Amberleigh CarterComment

Let's talk about what's soy annoying:

To be frank (or should I say, Frances), Soy is an estrogen bomb. 

It's not just in soy milk, it's in soy protein powder (yes, your "muscle-building" post workout shakes), edamame, soy sauce, soybean oil, and is hidden in many other products, from frozen pizzas to crackers--so make sure to read the label!

The following are reasons to avoid soy:
1) Soy inhibits absorption of vital minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, & zinc.
2) It decreases thyroid function, leading to a slower and damaged metabolism.
3) It increases tissue growth and accumulation, which can lead to tumor growth and an increased risk of cancer, as well as man boobs.
4) It lowers sperm count and decreases testosterone, which can lead to infertility, fat storage, and hair loss/balding.  Oh and man boobs again.
5) It is harmful to the intestines and digestion.

So do yourself a favor and just avoid the soy, if not for you, for the sake of saving testosterone in this world.

Fire? Grab a Fanta Extinguisher

Amberleigh CarterComment

Next time you want to put out a fire, grab a Fanta drink, as it contains (among many other harmful ingredients) Brominated Vegetable Oil, aka a flame retardant.

This ingredient is also in Mountain Dew, Gatorade Thirst, and other Coca-Cola and Pepsi products. This flame retardant is so harmful to every tissue in the body, that it is banned in all of Europe and Japan; so why did the FDA approve it?  My guess is that it all boils down to money. 

Let this be an example for understanding that no one cares about your health as much as you do.

Be aware of harmful ingredients you may be unknowingly supporting through your purchases; for example:

  • Modified Food Starch
  • Yellow 6
  • Red 40
  • Sodium Polyphosphates (???)
  • High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • Sodium Benzoate

All of which are in this one Fanta product, alone.  You'd think we could trust what is approved to be put in our products.

Moral of the story, read the ingredients label and make an educated purchase.  If no one buys harmful products, they will finally be forced to listen to us.