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Tip of the Day: Spring Into Health

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Spring allergies got you down?

Try drinking Yogi Bedtime tea with organic lemon juice, 1/4 teaspoon each of coconut oil and honey, and add a dash of cayenne pepper.

This concoction is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral immune booster! Feel better!

Photo Credit: Heather Grimm

Butter is Better

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Real BUTTER contains life, so it will attract life.

Butter does not have fake chemicals, like engineered margarine, that would make it resemble the properties of plastic.  If you place real butter next to margarine, you'll notice that living insects avoid the margarine, but try to feed off of the nutritious butter. 

This is because butter contains the following vitamins and other beneficial properties:

1) Lauric acid- helps fight fungal infections and candida

2) Conjugated linoleic acid- a potent anti-cancer agent, immunity booster, and muscle builder

3) Anti-stiffness factor- prevents hardening of the arteries, cataracts, and calcification of the pineal gland (which helps with levels of motivation, creativity, and sleep)

4) Butter helps promote fertility and contains strong anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties

5) Butter is a quick source of energy, so it's not stored as fat tissue on the body

6) Butter protects against gastrointestinal infections in the young and elderly 

7) Butter is rich in the most easily-absorbent form of Vitamin A necessary for thyroid and adrenal health.

8) Lecithin- essential for cholesterol metabolism

9) Anti-oxidants- protects against free radical damage and weakening of the arteries

10) Selenium, Vitamins E, K, and D- all help with vital metabolic functions, like absorbing calcium and much more

It takes life to give life, so do yourself a favor and dump the plastic margarine in the trash...the flies won't come near it.

(Note: If you're concerned about butter raising cholesterol, know that 80% of your cholesterol comes from your liver, not your diet. Cholesterol is an anti-stressor in the body, so if you have high cholesterol, it is a sign of having too much stress in your life: metabolic stress, emotional stress, physical stress, spiritual stress, social stress, financial and work stress, and so forth. It's more effective to address those issues, rather than blaming it on butter and other healthy saturated fats.)

The Right Kind of Honey

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There is a big difference between conventional honey and raw honey.  

Raw honey is best to buy locally (if possible) because the local bee pollen contained in the honey actually boosts your immune system and protects you against particular allergens specific to your local environment. 

Make sure to check your ingredients label because you could just be consuming GMO, high fructose corn syrup, with no nutrient content. 

Furthermore, floral honey, rather than buckwheat, corn, etc., is also a better option due to the greater chance of crops containing pesticides, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), and other harmful substances, unlike flowers (organic also helps to protect against harmful pesticides).

So next time you're choosing your honey, go for the gold: organic, raw, local, and floral.

Fall Into Health

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In honor of the first day of fall, here are 5 tips to remember to boost the immune system and lessen the stress response during this seasonal change:

1. Expose yourself to the sun for at least 15 minutes/day (darkness is a stressor on the body).

2. Stay active (tip: going on a walk outside for 15 minutes will also expose you to the sunlight that you need and boost your mood).

3. Rest, not just at night, but throughout the day. Take a break for a few minutes, at least 3x/day, to calm the mind and the body, and just breathe.

4. Eat root vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets, squash, pumpkin, etc.). These are grown underground, so they have their own powerful immune systems to fight off microbes and other bacteria. (Note: like any other carbohydrate, these must be eaten in conjunction with a protein and a fat to lessen stress on the body).

5. Start your morning off with room temperature lemon water.  You can squeeze an organic lemon in one, 8-ounce glass of quality water (up to 1 tablespoon of lemon juice), and drink it on an empty stomach.  This will make your HCl, or stomach acid, better able to kill off bacteria.  Feel free to also add in ginger root, cayenne pepper, and/or coconut oil for an added boost.

6. Have fun. Do something every day that makes YOU happy. Too often we do for others, and not enough for ourselves (shout-out to the moms out there, especially).  Never underestimate the healing power of enjoyment in life.

As always, what helps resist sickness and disease the most is whole mind, body, spirit wellness: to eat well, move well, rest well, play well, think well, and act well.  For help in any of these areas, don't hesitate to ask me :)

Shed Some Light on Your Insomnia

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If you experience insomnia or have trouble sleeping, you could be in need of exposing your skin to sunlight for at least 20 minutes, daily. 

The lack of sunlight slows down energy production, consequently, releasing adrenaline.  Adrenaline leads to insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, cravings, and increased stress on the body.  Sunlight helps treat insomnia, anxiety, and depression, while it also increases cognitive function, decreases food cravings, improves immunity, protects your tissues from free radicals, and boosts your metabolism.

Just another reason to go toward the light...but don't forget to eat your coconut oil, first!