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Making YOU A Priority

Amberleigh CarterComment

Where do YOU fit into your day?  If you're giving to others at the expense of yourself, you're trying to pour from an empty glass. Depletion, joylessness, resentment, disease, all can begin to set in if you're neglecting the most important person in your life: YOU!

The more you give to you, the better you'll be able to serve others. So don't be afraid to give to yourself, nourish yourself, take time for yourself, and, goddamn-it, love yourself...because at the end of the day, all you really need is love!

NOT Your Grandma's Cookies

Amberleigh CarterComment

Some people may think, "How'd I get fat? How'd I get so many wrinkles? How'd I get cancer?" 

When your body cannot recognize a foreign agent entering the body, it taxes the immune system and causes stress, aging, breakdown, and fat storage: all of which lead to dysfunction and disease.

Health is not about "calories in, calories out".  Always check the INGREDIENTS label.  If you cannot understand what it is that you're eating, chances are good that your body does not either, and your health will pay the consequences.