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Eat More When You Eat Right

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Eating less tells your body it's experiencing a famine, so it will store more fat for backup fuel. Eating the wrong types of food also promotes fat storage. So focus on frequently eating foods that are optimal for your health to get the most bang for your metabolic buck!

The Organic Difference

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"Studies" show that there is no significant difference between organic and non-organic. If organic is a ripoff & a scam, then I'd rather take my chances on investing in healthy food with little-to-no harsh products sprayed on it, than on a product that you know is basically a storage facility for harmful chemicals. 

These types of chemicals can lead to allergies, joint aches, headaches, menstrual complications, infertility, inflammation, fat storage, asthma, eczema, a weakened immune system, gut issues, and a host of health problems.

Invest in organic, & you're investing in your health and quality of life.

Are You Eating Beaver Butt?

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Is beaver butt really in your ice cream? If you want to know what's truly going into your food and how to protect yourself, I would recommend reading The Food Babe Way. It's a very digestible (pun intended) way of explaining what's actually going on in America's food industry today and how corporations are getting richer, while we're getting sicker.

Since toxins store in fat cells as a defense mechanism, the more preservatives, synthetic chemicals, and pesticides you ingest from processed foods and conventionally-grown produce, the more your body produces fat.

First step to health: KNOW WHAT'S IN YOUR FOOD.  After all, something tells me that no one would volunteer to put beaver butt in their ice cream....

Photo Credit: Heather Grimm