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NOT Your Grandma's Cookies

Amberleigh CarterComment

Some people may think, "How'd I get fat? How'd I get so many wrinkles? How'd I get cancer?" 

When your body cannot recognize a foreign agent entering the body, it taxes the immune system and causes stress, aging, breakdown, and fat storage: all of which lead to dysfunction and disease.

Health is not about "calories in, calories out".  Always check the INGREDIENTS label.  If you cannot understand what it is that you're eating, chances are good that your body does not either, and your health will pay the consequences.

Sun Worshippers...It's Your Lucky Day

Amberleigh CarterComment

All of you sun worshippers out there most likely battle between wanting that sun-kissed glow and risk getting another wrinkle.

Here's a tip: according to Ray Peat, Ph.D., sun exposure and the aging effect are variable and depends on our hormones and diet.

Two groups of shaved rabbits were fed diets containing either corn oil or coconut oil.  After being exposed to direct sunlight, the animals that ate corn oil developed prematurely wrinkled skin, while the animals that ate coconut oil didn't show any harm from the sun exposure.

Now, I wouldn't want to look like a shaved rabbit, but if I did, I'd want to be a wrinkle-free one :)  Eat your coconut oil and go enjoy those rays.