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Step Into Your Power

Amberleigh CarterComment

Your reality is your perception.  If something doesn't feel good, it's your responsibility to acknowledge your own feelings and choose differently.

For lack of a better example: Someone can love clowns and someone can equally despise them (the movie 'IT' doesn't help)... is it the clown's fault for existing? Is it the clown's fault for your past experiences with them? Should the clown feel shame or guilt for being a trigger for your response? Or is there a way you can choose differently? Hint: it's never the clown's fault :) 

You don't have to go hug a clown, but know that you and only you can own your feelings and choose a different experience of reality...and you have so much support around you to foster that change.

So, challenge yourself to step into your power today, and see what changes!