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Trimming The Fat

Amberleigh CarterComment

Let's trim the fat:

Losing weight can be vastly different from becoming healthier and thinner.  Most people use the scale as a direct measure of their weight loss and/or dieting "success".  There is a problem here. 

The best way to lose fat is to gain muscle, period.

Therefore, if you are depriving yourself of food and remain hungry or malnourished throughout the day, you may lose weight, but you are losing lean muscle tissue, not fat.

The truth is that if you have improper eating habits, your body will eat it's own muscles in order to provide energy to operate.  The body always sacrifices long-term health in the name of short-term survival. 

Thus, you must eat nutrient-dense foods, frequently, for your body to lay off of your muscles and go after those fat pounds.  Yes, the scale may go up (temporarily) from gaining dense, fat-burning muscle tissue, but you will certainly be healthier and look better naked.