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I Love Cholesterol...Said No One Ever, But Maybe You Should

Amberleigh CarterComment

The increased production of cholesterol is your body's anti-stress system kicking into gear. Cholesterol is actually a large anti-oxidant to help fight stress and inflammation in the body.

So why may your cholesterol levels be high?
It could be a number of reasons.  One reason could be not eating enough fat.  Yes, it is a myth that the fat you eat is directly responsible for the amount of cholesterol in your body. 

As much as 80% of cholesterol comes from your liver, NOT the food you eat.  So when you are given the suggestion to go on a "low fat" diet because you have high cholesterol, expect your cholesterol levels to increase, as the body sees this deprivation of fat as a famine or crisis.  During that time, insulin activates an enzyme in your liver to overproduce cholesterol from the carbohydrates that you eat.  So not eating enough of the right fats can increase your cholesterol!

The truth is, your nutrition and lifestyle are not adequate enough to keep up with the demands you place on your body throughout the day and over time. 

Eat well, sleep well, hydrate well, move well, and love well.  This is what your high cholesterol is really trying to tell you.