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Amberleigh’s Recommended Practitioners

Every practitioner Amberleigh recommends below is someone Amberleigh has personally worked with for her own life and has created the greatest personal impact, as well. Each of these practitioners walk the walk, meaning they work on themselves just as much as they work on others, and recognize the value in reaching out for help when they need it. As a result, each practitioner is incredibly integrated & grounded, with a balance of education & intuition that helps clients through real world situations. Amberleigh confidently recommends each practitioner below, as each of them radiates a connection to the highest energies of light, love, & clear intentions.


Sheena Mannina

Owner of Raw Republic Juice Bar & The Space Wellness Center in New Orleans, LA. Creator & Producer of the Raw Talk with Sheena podcast. Sheena offers a unique & conscious viewpoint in private sessions, giving intuitive guidance in business, health, and life. In Amberleigh’s opinion, Sheena’s knack for business+visceral ability to tune in & shift energy, is invaluable. Click Here to connect with Sheena.


Giselle Whittington

Owner of Satsuma Energetics in Lafayette, LA. Engineer, Artist, Energy Practitioner, & Medical Intuitive. Giselle offers private sessions for shifting major health patterns that impact every facet of one’s life. In Amberleigh’s opinion, Giselle is the perfect combination of science+intellect & psychic+medium. Giselle’s intuition, accuracy, & skill set is completely unprecedented. Click Here to connect with Giselle.


Wendy Kennedy

Owner of Higher Frequencies in Santa Monica, CA. Channel, Intuitive, & Empath. Wendy offers private sessions, online courses, audio downloads, & much more. She is featured on the popular documentary Tuning In: Spirit Channelers in America and is the co-author of the book The Great Human Potential: Walking in One’s Own Light. Wendy is most commonly known to channel the Ninth Dimensional Pleiadian Collective & other beings from different star systems to help give you insight, advice, & support for re-connecting you back to your own power. In Amberleigh’s opinion, Wendy is the most clear channel who operates completely out of love & connection to the highest frequencies of light & love. Click Here to connect with Wendy.


David Kennet

Owner of Soul Sounding in San Diego, CA and New York, New York. Musician, Vocal Sound Healer, Voice Coach, Holistic Allergist, Massage Therapist. David offers private sessions, retreats, & public speaking. He uses his voice, instruments, muscle testing, consciousness, and his vast knowledge of the power of sound and music in his sessions. In Amberleigh’s opinion, David is incredibly balanced & skilled at utilizing intuition+intellect for accessing both the problem & solution for a client. Click Here to connect with David.


Christina Carter: Owner of Intu It Parenting & Wellness in Covington, LA. Masters of Psychology and Relationship Specialist, with a focus on a holistic approach to helping the parent-child relationship improve. Offers private sessions. Click Here to connect with Christina.

Melissa Joy Jonsson: Owner of M-Joy Heart Field in San Diego, CA. Author, Speaker, Teacher of all things physics & metaphysics & how that impacts your health & life. Offers private sessions. Click Here to connect with Melissa.

Danielle Mercurio: Astrological & Intuitive Reader, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Stand-Up Comedian, and Podcast Host of the Curiously Confident Podcast. Offers private sessions. Click Here to connect with Danielle.

Dr. Richard Bartlett: Owner of Matrix Energetics in Seattle, WA. Doctor of Chiropractic, Doctor of Naturopathy, Musician, Author, Speaker, and Teacher of all things physics, holography, metaphysics, & how to utilize those things for your health & life. Offers private sessions. Click Here to connect with Dr. Bartlett.